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The LSW 2016 summit program
CNES involvement in the (exciting!) challenge of space access innovation
The intervention will address CNES involvement – as space agency – to foster innovation in next generation of Rockets and Space Transportation, together with a view on France vision of upcoming strategic fields.
Industry 4.0 technology and the IIoT to creat…
a rich digital context and weave the digital thread for automated and optimized decision making in composites manufacturing.
Composite component fabrication requires real-time decisions based on a long and growing list of variables and constraints. As production volumes and complexity increase, suppliers are faced with more unforeseen problems, and have less time and ability to make optimized decisions.
Innovation in small satellites
Thermal batteries
A powerful argument for a range of Space applications.
Innovative Deployable Structures for the Space Industry
Increasing demands to achieve “more for less and quicker” have led to both new challenges and new opportunities for the global space industry.
The challenge of so-called ‘New Space’ is to dramatically lower costs and compress lead times than those ever seen previously.  The desire to use smaller, lower cost launch systems means an additional demand to
extract more functionality from much smaller platforms.
Extending the life of satellites in orbit
In a landscape of increased competition, uncertain economic outlook and dynamic market conditions, satellite operators are keen to achieve fleet optimization and improve their cost and risk structure. Life extension of satellites in orbit represents such an opportunity, but holds some non-trivial challenges. Effective Space Solutions will shed light on its first life-extension mission plan, set to become a reality by 2019.
SIMEON TECHNOLOGIES (flash presentation)
In SIMEON Technologies we are developing disruptive technologies for Aerospace. Because of that we are actor of the Future, we created the Nano & micro Space Station, a concentration of our technologies dedicated to the private industry and laboratories. Spaceships capable to bring living beings into space, to Mars, Pluto and in better condition using our new system to produce energy in space.
The Next Generation Satellites
Composite Structures for Next Generation Satellites, Launchers and Landers – Outstanding Performance begins with Prepreg Technology.
AIRBUS Defence & Space
Innovation is an essential aspect of creating competitive advantage. In the space industry, however, it is not just a matter of being faster at innovation; there is a critical need to temper early adoption with the need for absolute reliability. Being too conservative means losing market share.

A number of examples of innovation at Airbus Defence and Space will be provided to demonstrate what can be achieved when innovation is introduced at the right time.
The European Space Agency
The European Space Agency is one of the few organisations in the world active in all space disciplines including space science, manned & robotic space exploration, launchers, earth observation, satellite navigation, space technology, space operations and satellite telecommunications. Whilst most of these are activities that ESA undertakes in our own right, satellite telecommunications is the exception where we instead support industrial companies' with their own R & D.
There has never been a more exciting time for setting up and developing new space businesses across all parts of the UK. Bob Waters is Head of Industrial Strategy at the UK Space Agency and is well acquainted with both the opportunities and the constraints faced by the UK Government as it sets out to support the sector. This includes a refreshed strategy for Innovation and Growth and the ever growing importance of widening international partnerships to encourage trade and investment – an area where he works closely with the Agency’s International Team and the Department for International Trade.
Implementing affordable smart factory processes
We hear a great deal about the ideals of a connected factory, smart manufacturing processes and Industry 4.0. But how much of this is within the reach of small and medium sized businesses? Is it really here today, or does it require long term, large scale investment only achievable by global, corporate manufacturing companies?
SPACE DEBRIS REMEDIATION (flash presentation)
No net, no arrows, no deorbiting lasers nor ablation lasers based ground. Plasma chemistry only in space extraterrestrial business plan in order to capture and transport raw materials from neo-leo-geo-gto- localization and back to earth is out of our future or present capabilities for this specific problem (comment) “or have anti -g propulsion motors" , and a serious source of risks (de-orbit and re-entry"earth" uncertainties mainly for large objects) and destruction or failure of robots and for entire mission included earth contamination .The refining of valuable resources must be installed near the debris disseminated clouds (heliotorr-pert terminatorr th3 station powered by plasma motors vasimr ad astra usa), or glycan industries llc usa- pasadena, the resources will be stocked as concentrated metals(pert) and back to moon or mars but in secured conditions-space debris are considered as raw materials(5'000 tons to 10'000 tons for future( e.t activities).
Keronite Plasma Electrolytic Ceramic Coatings for satellites
The LSW 2016 speakers
Patrick WOOD

Group Managing Director

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
Jérôme VILA

Assistant Director
for the projects of the future


VP Procurement

Airbus Defence and Space

Vice President Business Developement

Claire BAKER

Sales Manager Aerospace
United Kingdom

Kenneth GOVAN

Business and Programme Manager

Christian Daniel ASSOUN


Shefali SHARMA

Business Developer

Oxford Space Systems
Shahida BARICK

of Satellite Operations

Effective Space

Head of Telecom Business Development


Materials Corrosion & Surface Engineering



Alenia Space

Head of Industrial Strategy

Alistair MORRIS

Sales Director